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HIV Long-Term Survivor, Writer, Speaker, Activist, Founder, Lets Kick ASS grassroots movement empowering @HIVsurvivors. @LetsKickASS_hiv @TezAnderson

Tez Anderson has lived with HIV since 1983. He founded Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome in 2013 with the mission of “empowering HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS) to thrive.”

LKA is the first nonprofit by, for, and about HLTS, an overlooked population. Tez coined the term “AIDS Survivor Syndrome (ASS)” to describe the psychosocial ramifications of surviving the AIDS pandemic.

In 2014, he launched HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day ( to create action while highlighting the resilience and strength of people living longest with HIV/AIDS.

Tez is widely recognized for shining a new light on a forgotten population, HIV…

We still have to be visible but this was a nice change.

June 5, 2021, was big day. It was HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day and the 40th anniversary of the start of the AIDS pandemic. Here is some of the press on or around the day.

The Positive Effect Long-term HIV survivors thriving with spirit and compassion

Big Ideas + Actions

TODAY SHOW — June 2, 2020–40 years since the first AIDS cases, men living with HIV share their perspectives

Featuring Interviews with Bruce Richman @BR999 ; Jesse Milan Jr. @JesseMilanJr ; Deondre B. Moore @deondrebmoore ; Raif Derrazi @RDerrazi ; and Dr. Anthony Fauci

WHYY 40 year later: Philly nonprofits help residents living with HIV/AIDS

40 Years of AIDS — A Call To Action For Long Term Survivors #GAYNRD

June 5th is also is also HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD). Tez Anderson, a Long Term Survivor with HIV, and the founder of Let’s Kick ASS(AIDS Survivor Syndrome), says, “We stand a precipice. We can elevate the goals of the Ending The Epidemic to include improved Quality of Life, it is more than treating the virus, which is paramount, but so is increased focus on mental wellbeing. It is beyond surviving toward a mindset of thriving.”\

Anderson also notes it is a pivotal moment as he articulates in his manifesto, “AIDS at 40: Envisioning a Future We Never…

A Call to Action to Mobilize and Create Lasting Change

HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD) on June 5, 2021, the 40th anniversary of the first five cases of AIDS reported in the US in 1981.

AIDS at 40: Envisioning a Future We Never Imagined,” the 2021 theme, is also a call to action to address YOUR most pressing needs and challenges as HLTS.

Send an email to In the “About” section include #HIVsurvivorsAction Tell us what is on your mind and what YOU think should be our focus. …

HIV Long-Term Survivors Declaration 2021

Let’s Kick ASS AIDS—Survivor Syndrome’s manifesto, first published in 2015, revised in 2021.

By Tez Anderson, Founder

June 5, 2021, marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the AIDS pandemic in 1981. Now the world is gripped by a new highly contagious, deadly pandemic COVID-19. Within a year, several vaccines have been developed, tested, approved, and are being distributed and administered. After forty years of AIDS, there is still no vaccine for HIV and no cure is within sight.

In 2021, we have the tools to End the AIDS pandemic, we simply lack the will. The best way to end AIDS is through universal access to effective treatments and care. This is the powerful message of Undetectable Equals Untransmittable. #UequalsU

In 1981, no one noticed nor paid any attention to this new disease affecting queer men. It took President Ronald Reagan until September 1985 to publicly said the word “AIDS”, four years after the crisis began. For…

Seeking Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors to be part of a unique community choir to combat isolation and loneliness.

United Voices Community Choir” for Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors now forming.

Seeking Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors to be part of a unique community choir to combat isolation and loneliness.

Loneliness is all too common among long-term survivors and older adults with HIV. Be part of the solution.

UCSF would like to interview YOU via phone or Zoom! They are conducting a focus group on either November 16 or November 19, 2020 (TBD).

You will receive $60.00 for the interview!

Let’s Kick ASS AIDS Survivor Syndrome is helping spread the word and recruit folks of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and pronouns for this unique project.

Please share this with anyone who might be interested!

United Voices Community Choir is looking for adults living with HIV 50 years or older…

Covid-19 Public Service Announcement features Tez Anderson from San Francisco, California


Media Contact:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The ADAP Advocacy Association today aired its Public Service Announcement designed to raise awareness about long-term survivors living with HIV being vaccinated against Covid-19. The PSA features Tez Anderson from San Francisco, California.

Tez Anderson is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome. Tez has been living with HIV since 1983, and he shares why he decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“In urban cities with large LGBTQ communities, HIV and Covid-19 has presented dual challenges for older residents,” said Brandon M. Macsata, CEO of the ADAP Advocacy…

By Stephen Karpiak Ph.D. with the National Resource Center on HIV and Aging, a remarkable resource on Aging with HIV issues.

[Reprinted here without permission but in the interest of sharing the information.]

How could we have been so short-sighted?

People with HIV were given the promise of a typical long lifespan in exchange for effective HIV treatment. Clinicians focused on improving antiretrovirals and making sure that patients were compliant. As a result, older adults now dominate the HIV epidemic in the USA. This population includes the long-term survivors whom we acknowledge on June 5th every year and were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS during the first decade and a half of the epidemic.

But what about their quality of life? They take…

Federal lawmakers recently re-introduced “Lower Drug Costs Now Act” (H.R. 3) a sweeping proposal that would set drug prices in the United States based on the prices set by foreign governments. International reference pricing ties the price that Medicare pays for some drugs to those paid by other countries. The idea was first introduced as a model for Medicare Part B drugs by then-HHS Secretary Alex Azar in 2018. It was a bad idea then. It is a bad idea now.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee is planning on hearing H.R. 3 on May 4.

. . .


People living with HIV and on effective treatment can’t pass the virus on and can live long and healthy lives. #UequalsU

I acquired HIV in 1983. I did not know until I tested in 1986, when my new AIDS doctor told me, “You have 18–24 months to live.” It was four days after my 26th birthday. There were no HIV treatments then.

2021 marks 40 years since the first announcement of a mysterious illness affecting young gay men on June 5th, 1981. It would come to be known as AIDS.

Since 1981, we’ve made remarkable progress in the fight against…

By: Tez Anderson, HIV Long-Term Survivor & Founder of Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the social and mental health of older adults with HIV and long-term survivors, according to a recent study by HIV+Aging Research Project — Palm Springs (HARP-PS).

Half of the HARP-PS study participants reported increased frustration, boredom, sleep disruptions, and not getting enough exercise. There’s no doubt that some of the stress is from social distancing on a population already facing a crisis of isolation.

But there is something else going on. For months, I’ve been beating myself…

Tez Anderson

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