Let’s Kick ASS AIDS Survivor Syndrome manifesto, first published in 2015, revised in 2021

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the AIDS pandemic on June 5, 1981. Now the world is gripped by a new highly-contagious, deadly pandemic COVID-19. Within a year, several vaccines have been developed, tested, approved, and are being distributed and administered. After forty years of AIDS, there is still no vaccine for HIV and no cure is within sight.

In 2021, we have the tools to end the AIDS pandemic, we simply lack the will. The best way to end AIDS is through effective treatment.

At first, no one noticed nor paid any attention to this new…

People living with HIV and on effective treatment can’t pass the virus on and can live long and healthy lives. #UequalsU


I acquired HIV in 1983. I did not know until I tested in 1986, when my new AIDS doctor told me, “You have 18–24 months to live.” It was four days after my 26th birthday. There were no HIV treatments then.

2021 marks 40 years since the first announcement of a mysterious illness affecting young gay men on June 5th, 1981. It would come to be known as AIDS.

Since 1981, we’ve made remarkable progress in the fight against…

Seeking Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors to be part of a unique community choir to combat isolation and loneliness.

United Voices Community Choir” for Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors now forming.

Seeking Older Adults with HIV and Long-Term Survivors to be part of a unique community choir to combat isolation and loneliness.

Loneliness is all too common among long-term survivors and older adults with HIV. Be part of the solution.

UCSF would like to interview YOU via phone or Zoom! They are conducting a focus group on either November 16 or November 19, 2020 (TBD).

You will receive $60.00 for the interview!

Let’s Kick ASS AIDS Survivor Syndrome is helping spread the word and recruit folks of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and pronouns for this unique project.

United Voices Community Choir is looking for adults living with HIV 50 years or older…

Tez Anderson has lived with HIV since 1983. He founded Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome in 2013 with the mission of “empowering HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS) to thrive.” LKA was the first nonprofit by, for, and about HLTS, an overlooked population. Tez coined the term “AIDS Survivor Syndrome (ASS)” to describe the psychosocial ramifications of surviving the AIDS pandemic.

In 2014, he launched HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD.org) to create action while highlighting the resilience and strength of people living longest with HIV/AIDS.

Tez is widely recognized for shining a new light on a forgotten population, HIV…

By: Tez Anderson, HIV Long-Term Survivor & Founder of Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the social and mental health of older adults with HIV and long-term survivors, according to a recent study by HIV+Aging Research Project — Palm Springs (HARP-PS).

Half of the HARP-PS study participants reported increased frustration, boredom, sleep disruptions, and not getting enough exercise. There’s no doubt that some of the stress is from social distancing on a population already facing a crisis of isolation.

But there is something else going on. For months, I’ve been beating myself…

Tez Anderson, Founder of Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome

I remember the day in 1986 when the social worker told me I had tested HIV-positive and had less than two years to live. I just had turned 26 four days earlier.

When I left the San Francisco Department of Health Clinic, the world was suddenly technicolor. Walking down the hill to the clinic seemed like Kansas; walking the four blocks up the same hill had become Oz. Everything was more intense. I later realized I was in shock.

In the mid-80s, San Francisco felt like living in…

Let’s Kick ASS — AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a proud partner of the SYNChronicity 2020 Virtual Conference (SYNC 2020), to be held September 8–11.

SYNC 2020, the national HIV, HCV, STI and LGBTQ health conference, is led by HealthHIV, HealthHCV, and the National Coalition for LGBT Health. Thousands of participants, including medical providers, healthcare workers, state, local and federal government officials, faith and community-based organizations, and others addressing HIV, HCV, STI, and LGBTQ health, will engage across dynamic sessions to “SYNC” systems, data, programs, models, interventions, and policies, addressing and creating targeted solutions in this dynamic healthcare environment.

SYNC 2020’s…

29 May 2020 Reprinted from ThirdSector.co.uk

I’m reprinting this about my old friend and someone I not only love but admire, Rupert Whitaker is the best of the best—brilliant, fierce, eloquent, kind, and committed.

What the origin story of the Terrence Higgins Trust can teach charities about formulating a human-rights based response to Covid-19. Emily Burt reports

Rupert Whitaker can still remember the very first time he saw his former partner, Terry, dancing, a recollection that leaves him unable to contain his laughter nearly four decades later.

“It was a very strange mix between a Slinky [the popular helical spring…


By Stephen Karpiak, Senior Director for Research at GMHC.

This article was written for the ACRIA Center on HIV and Aging at GMHC newsletter ACHIEVE published in May 2020. This edition is focused on HIV Long-Term Survivors and is worth a read. The PDF of the entire newsletter can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/HLTSachieve

Who Are Long-Term Survivors?

In 1989, I was diagnosed with HIV. I prepared for my rapid death as my immune system slowly and inevitably collapsed. I watched as my friends…

The survey suggests Covid-19 is causing disruption to HIV medication. #NotOurFirstPandemic #HIV #LongTermSurvivors

This came into my inbox. Please read it. There is nothing more important AIDS survivors surviving COVID-19. It illustrates that mental health has to be the priority because without it the medications do not matter.

Prior to COVID-19, the HIV epidemic was arguably the worst public health crisis affecting the United States since the 1918 flu pandemic. While previously a death sentence, combination therapy transformed HIV infection into a largely manageable, chronic condition, leading to the majority of people with HIV being over age 50 [1]. We have little understanding of the physical and psychosocial needs of this first cohort…

Tez Anderson

HIV Long-Term Survivor, Writer, Speaker, Activist, Founder, Lets Kick ASS grassroots movement empowering @HIVsurvivors. @LetsKickASS_hiv @TezAnderson

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